Lynnelle Loke Moore

My dream is a world where my skills are obsolete

When it comes to caring for our elderly and disabled, our team’s lawyer, Lynnelle Loke Moore, dreams of a day when our Medicaid and Special Needs Planning services are obsolete and unnecessary. If we could all see that over half our population already receives their health care through the government programs of Medicare and Medicaid and that most Medicare recipients choose Medicare Advantage Plans which pay private insurance companies the big bucks while bilking our government of much-needed funds, maybe we could start simply providing people with the care they deserve and desperately need instead of arguing about which agency or insurance carrier should pay for that care. But, as long as we all suffer in this byzantine and ridiculously expensive health care environment, there will be a need for qualified and specialized guidance. So, to help our clients, Lynnelle is playing the game – explaining the rules and outlining clients’ options to access help in as painless a manner as our laws allow.

Lynnelle has over twenty years of legal experience. She began as a bankruptcy lawyer, an area of law that is curiously like probate law, which is one of our firm’s practice areas. She transitioned into elder law after she took a break from the legal world to raise children. She proudly proclaims that her four kids are her greatest achievement. They are (mostly) grown, but they keep her young while she focuses on her professional passion: helping our clients navigate through issues of aging and disability. During her years of PTA and kids’ sports, Lynnelle developed an elder law practice with part-time work in the guardianship area, and she experienced elder law from her clients’ perspective as she accompanied her grandmother and parents through their last illnesses and handled their estates. Lynnelle has over 13 years of dedicated, full-time legal experience in the field of elder law. She brings to her practice her experiences as a parent, as the adult child handling the elder law issues of her parents, and as a small business owner. All these adventures give her the ability to relate to and understand our clients no matter where their lives have taken them.

Lynnelle finds it hard to choose between two life mottos. Is it “carpe diem?” Or “work hard to play hard?” Why choose? Lynnelle’s favorite activities when not working hard for her clients include ski vacations with her kids, motorcycle riding and back country hiking with her “sweetheart” in Colorado, and multi-day bicycle adventures with her mom friends.