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Your journey with Loke Moore Law begins with a scheduled 30-minute initial consultation with our attorney, Lynnelle Loke Moore, for which we charge $175. We want those 30 minutes to be worth every penny; thus, before we meet, we’ll have you provide answers to a few questions specific to the type of legal matter that you need help with. By the end of the 30-minutes, we’ll have decided on the course of action that best meets your goals and we’ll give you a price that we’d charge you to do the work. If you decide to hire us to do the work, the next steps include gathering more information, scheduling a planning meeting, and paying our fee. We offer payment plans for some situations. This is an introductory call only, and scheduling a call does not create a client-attorney relationship. You aren’t my client, and I don’t provide legal advice until we’ve put the relationship in writing with an engagement agreement.

Schedule an Initial Call Online

Use the online scheduling tool. I like this method best because you can pick a time you know that I’ll be available to chat. There’s no phone tag searching for a time we’re both available. I’m happy to video conference for this initial consultation if you’d like.

Click here to schedule a 30 minute call or video conference with Lynnelle:


Call me at (210) 944-4930. Our “friendly” phone system will answer your call and direct you to our staff extensions. If you need assistance in scheduling an appointment, please choose extension 1 for Teresa Moser, she will be glad to help you out. I will do my best to call you back within 24 hours.


Email me at Info@LokeMooreLaw.com.