Helpful Links

Review these resources to learn what elder law special needs planning attorneys do and how to find one in your area: 

National Academy of Elder Law Attorney: How to choose Elder Law or Special Needs Planning Attorney

NAELA: Attorney Lookup

Uh oh! Your special needs child has lost SSI, and therefore Medicaid health insurance, because they became eligible for another benefit or because a COLA pushed their income above the limit:

Special Needs Alliance

Do you need free or reduced-cost legal help with supported decision making and alternatives to guardianship? Contact these agencies: 

Disability Rights of Texas

Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid

Explore these resources to learn how to find a home and obtain care for your loved one:

Excellent resource to learn about Medicaid. Be careful as the website is national. Search within website to find Texas specific information:
Elder Law Answers

San Antonio Independent Living

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Paid by Facility (i.e. free to family) to Find a Home for your Elder Loved One (Note: website not secure) Texas Placement for Elderly

Medicare: Compare Nursing Homes

TX HHSC: Long Term Care

TX HHSC: Long Term Provider Search

An option available for bill payments is to look at third-party bill payment services like SilverBills

Basic SSI information:

Understanding SSI

How to check for nursing home ratings and violations:

Nursing home compare via Medicare

Texas directory of Long-Term Care provider search

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