Forms and Additional Information

The following forms can be used and edited at no cost to you.

Letters of Intent

A letter of intent is not a legal document BUT is considered by the courts and trustees. A letter of intent can be used to clearly communicate information about your special needs child that you will want a caregiver to know if you pass away. The letter of intent should be reviewed and updated as circumstances change; it does not need to be perfect. This form is to assist you in getting started by providing crucial personal information about your child’s benefits, family history, medical issues, likes and dislikes, and other details.

Medicare Complaint Form

Has your Medicare Advantage plan repeatedly denied coverage for your nursing home costs? The federal agency overseeing Medicare Advantage providers has received many complaints from people who need nursing home care, and their doctors agree, and the coverage OUGHT to be approved, but the MA keeps denying coverage and forcing people to appeal. If you are having this problem, download the Center for Medicare’s new form to contest multiple Medicare denials issued by Medicare Advantage Plans.

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